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You add the link provided by us to your Instagram profile

Your media content (photos, videos) is hosted on our server.

Each media file receives a unique ID that you insert into your post.

Your followers use this ID to view the photos and videos and go directly to your website with a simple click

About Us

Generate direct website traffic with Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful platform to reach your target group with high quality images and to win fans for your brand. Only direct traffic to your own website can hardly be achieved with Instagram, because there is no possibility to set links in the articles. This dilemma is over now, because we offer the linking from every single article! Increase your reach AND attract visitors to your website!

Advantages of linking to Instagram

You can use several links at the same time. You don’t limit yourself to a single target page in your Instagram profile, but can link specifically to your landing pages

Links are not only possible to your own website, but also directly to all sales platforms, such as Saturn, Mediamarkt, Spotify, Amazon. Insert your affiliate ID into the link and generate sales directly via Instagram!

Simple and intuitive operation simplifies the workflow

The service is free!

Links to all social media platforms are possible

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